Welcome! You’ve successfully joined the MOTHER tour*, home of a dizzying amount of inspiration and tools to join a global community of mothers acting on their most passionate concerns facing children.

The MOTHER tour has traveled around North America and internationally with the performance M-other and the Empowering Mother Voices workshop to create a global community of mothers** all moving from concern to action on behalf of the world’s children. The intention of both the performance and the workshop is to inspire mothers (and others) to find their full-embodied voice, and spark conversations and actions. Even though the UN program featured in the performance M-other is not real, the issues presented in the show are thoroughly researched and are very real. Mothers from each nation represented in this show were interviewed and many of their own words are in the script.

The performance and workshop can be experienced in a variety of ways. Some options:

  • Watch the full performance of M-other (fun to watch and discuss with a group of friends) or the Empowering Mother Voices Workshop.
  • Request your own DVD, including the M-other performance & Empowering Mother Voices Workshop video. Write: Beth.Osnes@Colorado.EDU.
  • Download the Empowering Mother Voices Workshop manual and M-other performance discussion questions. Host a workshop with your faith, neighborhood, or book group communities, and gain skills and the confidence to take action. Not wonky—fun and interactive!
  • Watch the Story of the MOTHER tour, a 7 minute documentary that illustrates its journey over the past two years.
  • Read stories from the MOTHER tour.

Ready to take action? Identify one, small, first step to take that addresses your most passionate concern, and/or take the first step on issues addressed in M-other:

You, she, we, are literally re-imaging the role of Mother Leadership. Thank you for your partnership.

* The MOTHER tour travelled the world to create a global community of mothers all moving from concern to action on behalf of the world’s children. MAU joined in partnership with the Philanthropiece Foundation to present a program that uses theatre as a way to inspire, educate, and empower mother voices for effective advocacy. When being presented in North America or for an English-speaking audience, the program begins with a one-woman performance, M-other, written and performed by MAU co-founder, Beth Osnes. This show explores what it might just take for the mothers of one country to authentically care about the mothers and children of another country. The fiction that the “other” is not part of the “mother” is washed away. What remains is a powerful affirmation of our interconnectedness in both our challenges and our solutions as a global community.

In all locations visited by the MOTHER tour, the MAU Empowering Mother Voices Workshop provides the tools, skills, practice and confidence needed for voicing your concerns regarding issues facing the world’s children. Together we are led in experiencing the power of our embodied voices and using these voices to declare our most passionate concerns. Next we devise a way to use our voices to act on this concern, and then rehearse this action together—all working together to devise solutions to any obstacles that present themselves. Through the process, participants in the workshop community empower themselves and each other to use their voices to speak up on behalf of the needs of children.

** mothers and others who exercise protective care over someone smaller

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  3. Katie Doyle Myers

    This is wonderful. Thank you, MAU, for getting (M)other and the Vocal Empowerment Workshop out into the universe. If you are reading this, please pass along this link to a friend (or a hundred friends!). THIS type of expressing and empowerment is what creates true change…

  4. Katie Doyle Myers

    This is wonderful! Thank you, MAU, for getting (M)other and the Vocal Empowerment Workshop out into the universe! Now, please, send this link to at least one (or one hundred!) friend. This work is so creative and empowering, and has the power to truly transform our world!

  5. Katie Doyle Myers

    Sorry for the double post! It looked like my first was posted in error! Oh well, I am happy to get my message out twice :) .

  6. Samantha

    awesome, posted

  7. Bernadette undeniable fact..I am a MOTHER…

  8. Gratitude

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  9. Madhu Parmar

    Mother is best god of childred, Daughter and Mother is best Friend. Daugher her taking the Mother. Mother is very simple and shortly and sweetly language method in your Dauther and Son.

  10. Paul Strom

    You are, as always, an inspiration, Beth.

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